Friday, June 17, 2016

E3 2016!

We went to E3!
It's a trade show for the video game industry.

The 2K Mafia 3 Booth!

I met Sonic!

My favorite spot is always the Telltale Games booth.
This year, it was decorated as Wayne Manor for their new Batman game!
This Manor needs a bunny

I got to go into the Batcave & see the demo for the Batman game!
It's really great; I can't wait to play!

The floor of E3 is always an interesting place.

We had a really fun time.  Hope to go in 2017!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Glowy Bunnies!

We went to see the Intrude exhibit by Amanda Parer!
It featured giant inflatable bunnies around Downtown LA.

At night, they become glowy bunnies!

Everyone wants to hug a giant bunny

Thanks Amanda Parer & ArtsBrookfield for this amazing & adorable exhibit!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Adventures By Disney - Italy Trip!

We went to Italy with Adventures By Disney!

Our adventure started in Rome.  I got my own pin lanyard!

We got to see the vacuuming of the coins at Trevi Fountain! 

The Colosseum:

And we got a private tour of the Vatican Museum!
The School of Athens, by Raphael
Nobody here but us bunnies

From Rome, we went to Tuscany!

In Florence, I met this nice turtle.
I'm winning, turtle

And I got to tour the Palazzo Vecchio:

Drinks at the top of the Uffizi:

The bullet train to Venice!

Our gondola ride!

A pink boat in Venice! I'm riding that next time.

My Adventures By Disney Italy pins!

We had such a wonderful trip to Italy.
Big thanks to my lovely ABD tour guide, Miss Alexa!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

WonderCon 2016

This year, WonderCon was in the Los Angeles Convention Center!

FunKo Pop BB8!

The Hulk is very gentle with me in his hand

Make it pink!

Hans and Elsa Bounty Hunters

I Love A Pink Harley Quinn

Star Wars Disney Princess: Cindylorian!

I got to hang out with my pal, Walter!
I'm Walter and I'll be your Disney Plaid

And there were so many Judy Hopps! I liked this one.

She gave me a ticket! Best con swag ever.
I won't contest it, Miss Hopps

WonderCon was great! 
See you in Anaheim in 2017!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde at Disneyland!

A few weeks ago, Disneyland announced that Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde were coming to Disneyland for a meet & greet.  

There was no start date so I created a Judy Hopps meet & greet on our couch.

Please make an orderly line

And then yesterday, Nick & Judy arrived in Disneyland!

The highlight of my Easter Sunday was meeting Judy Hopps. My hero.