Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pink's Pan Am Experience

We had dinner aboard Pan Am Airlines!
It's called the Pan Am Experience.  
Most days it is used for filming plane scenes, but they also host a retro dinner!

Pre-boarding drinks

Our seat in First Class!
We first got some almonds and cocktail service.

We also got 1970s-era magazines to peruse.

During the flight, they have fashion shows of the Pan Am flight attendant's uniforms through the decades.

The Dinner menu!

Our Chateubriand dinner was served tableside.

Thank you for the carrots, ma'am

After dinner drinks!

After dinner, we got to tour some of the airplane and airport sets.
It was a wonderful night.  
The staff is friendly and fantastic, and the dinner was very nice.
I'd highly recommend it!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dinner at 21 Royal

We had a very special birthday party at Disneyland's 21 Royal restaurant.

21 Royal is a restaurant located in the Disneyland Dream Suite.

Your evening starts with cocktails in the Dream Suite.

I'll take a carrot martini

Then, it's time for a 7-course dinner.

You can also watch Fantasmic! from the balcony.
It's a perfect view.

One of my favorite parts of the Suite are the magic mirrors:
21 Royal Dining Room Magic Mirror
Dream Suite Magic Mirror

It was a wonderful night that we'll never forget. 👯💓

Me & a tiny pink bunny pal

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The (Pink) Museum of Ice Cream!

We went to the Museum of Ice Cream!
And there was a lot of pink there. 

There was a room with pink telephones:

Pink Street signs:

Pink Bananas:

Giant Pink Popsicle:

And, of course, the Sprinkles Pool:

We really enjoyed it! 
They had ice cream samples too.
And other fun things (that weren't pink).

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dinner Party

I had planned a quiet Girls' Night Dinner Party with the Judy Hoppses.

Then all the BB-8's rolled in and crashed it. 

Still, a good time was had by all. ;-)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour!

We've been lucky enough to do the VIP Tour at Disneyland many times.  
So we were very curious to try the one at Universal.

It started with a continental breakfast in the lounge:

The lounge is above the entrance at Universal Studios.
It feels a bit like the view from Club 33

Then we got a private trolley for our tour of the backlot:

Unlike the standard tram tour, we got to get off and look at some sets up close.
Here is the War of the Worlds plane crash set:

front of the crashed plane
back of the crashed plane
There goes the neighborhood

We also got to visit the Props Department:

Props to King Kong
There was a pit stop in Little Europe.
Film students were shooting their films there that day:

And then we stopped by Hill Valley from Back to the Future:
Clock Tower still ticking!
The Baltimore set from the Hairspray Live! movie was adjacent:


Then we got a really nice lunch.

Thanks for the carrots!
We also got unlimited front of line access for all the rides! 
It was a really fun day and I'm glad we went.