Monday, August 22, 2011

D23 Expo!

I went with my Humans to the D23 Expo!
The D23 Expo is Disney's own version of Comic-Con.

Here I am at the Anaheim Convention Center!

I had fun, but when we had to wait in lines, I just napped. I was in the ManPurse, so it was quite comfy.

Isn't this Castle the perfect size for me?!? It used to be in the gift shop.  It went to the auction, where it sold for $2,000!!

There was also a gondola from the Peter Pan ride.  It sold at auction for $30,000!

We also saw the Black Pearl, but sadly, Johnny Depp was not aboard. 

Here I am with my most favorite place: Disneyland!

All in all, we liked D23 Expo ok, but we prefer Comic-Con as far as comic conventions go.  And for Disney stuff, we much prefer the Disney Parks!

Our Girl has a post about D23 Expo v. Comic-Con. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Trip to (Way, Way, Way) Upstate New York

So my Humans and I went on a trip to (Way, Way, Way) Upstate New York.  In fact, it was practically Canada.  I guess Boy has some Family there and he and Girl were going to a wedding. Unfortunately, I do not fit in The Small Purse, so I couldn't go to the wedding. But I did go on the trip! 

If you tell people you are going to Upstate New York, they think you mean Rochester.  Now I have nothing against Rochester, but if you look at a map, it's pretty clearly in the middle of the state.  I am just a little bunny, but even I can see that.  In any case, we were going WAY north of Rochester.

I am reading the safety card on one of our many, many planes.
This was a long trip.
We had to take a car to the airport;
And then one red-eye plane (I wish it was a pink-eye, but there are uncomfortable conjunctivitis associations there)
And then another plane;
And then get into another car;
And then drive for three hours;
Before we arrived at our destination.

And our luggage did not make the connection so it was not with us, sadly.  It had many adventures and joined us later. Too bad the luggage does not have its own blog.

Clearly I was not in charge of the luggage. It so would have been there if I was.
We saw people, places and things on our trip. In order to describe them, I'll need to unpack some adjectives:

*(Girl would like to note that this is NOT referring to her. I mean "growing vigorously especially with luxuriant foliage")

We did meet a fireman and his dog:


And we found this lovely area with a gazebo, a castle and a river:

What time does the band come and play "Beautiful Dreamer?"

And I met a Knight!

Then it was time to go back home.

Pilot Pinky here!

 It was a short but exhausting trip.