Monday, August 22, 2011

D23 Expo!

I went with my Humans to the D23 Expo!
The D23 Expo is Disney's own version of Comic-Con.

Here I am at the Anaheim Convention Center!

I had fun, but when we had to wait in lines, I just napped. I was in the ManPurse, so it was quite comfy.

Isn't this Castle the perfect size for me?!? It used to be in the gift shop.  It went to the auction, where it sold for $2,000!!

There was also a gondola from the Peter Pan ride.  It sold at auction for $30,000!

We also saw the Black Pearl, but sadly, Johnny Depp was not aboard. 

Here I am with my most favorite place: Disneyland!

All in all, we liked D23 Expo ok, but we prefer Comic-Con as far as comic conventions go.  And for Disney stuff, we much prefer the Disney Parks!

Our Girl has a post about D23 Expo v. Comic-Con. 


  1. OMC!! Look at what a brave bunny you are, you go everywhere!!

  2. wow pb wos nise visit! i finks it cool yew gow too disney nd comic con nd fings :)

  3. Never been to any of them. It's all a bit far away for us. Glad you had a good time Bun Bun!

  4. What a fun adventure, thanks for sharing your photos!

  5. Hi. I've mentioned you in an award post on my blog. It means I'm handing on the award to you but what it asks you to do is quite onerous so feel free to ignore any or all of it! Just accept the compliment :)