Monday, March 25, 2013


We went to Minnesota for a very special comic convention!

Fables, which is written by Bill Willingham and drawn by Mark Buckingham, is our most very favorite comic book.  So when it was announced last summer that it was getting its very own convention, we knew we would go.

The first thing you need to know is that Minnesota is very cold.
I'm a snow bunny!

This convention was not like other conventions we have attended.  It was very small with a lot of interaction with various comic writers and artists.

Opening Ceremonies

FablesCon badge

We even had our very own Elizabethan themed bar, which was just the ginchiest.  It was only open to those of us attending the convention and it was a great place to get a drink with the comics professionals, or new friends we made.

The bar was actually named after this man, who was executed for treason in 1601, so it was re-themed for the comic Kill Shakespeare during the convention.

We also named a drink on the Official Convention Cocktail Menu: the Grimmlet!

Me with the Grimmlet.

We went to lots of panels and got sketches from several artists, and after a while, I thought I might try my hand at interviewing.  So I found myself a microphone and a panel room and waited for a poor, unsuspecting comic writer to show up for my queries.  

Fortunately, one did.
Hello, Mr. Roberson
I interviewed Mr. Chris Roberson, a favorite comic writer of ours.  He wrote two Fables spin-offs featuring Cinderella.  That's me, grilling him about why there aren't more rabbits in his books.

Then Mr. Matt Sturges wanted to interview me about Donnie Darko and my position on rabbit slippers and we even spoke a little French.

But of course, one of the best parts of the convention was that our friends, the Koosas and Puppy Graham were there!

We even had drinks in the FablesCon bar:

The convention provided us with snacks at the bar, and it was great to have small panels that we could easily get into without waiting in crazy long lines or having to plan our panels hours in advance. It felt much more like a community, and we met the nicest people.  We all were afforded a level of interaction with the comics pros that is unprecedented at most conventions and we feel really fortunate to have had this experience.

FablesCon, we heart you!