Sunday, October 30, 2011

Long Beach Comic Con

I went with my humans yesterday to Long Beach Comic-Con!

I met many characters:

Felix the Cat! 
Red Riding Hood!
Zatanna! And Some Guy.
This is me with Chris and Shane Hougton, the artist and writer of Reed Gunther.  That is a fun comic about a Cowboy and his pet bear.  They have adventures. You should check it out. 

Um, Vampire Hunters? I hope

Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo!
 Usagi Yojimbo is about a Samurai Rabbit! He is a Rabbit Role Model of mine.

Me with a Handsome and Powerful Superhero.
No, I don't know which one.

 This is me on the set of "Frankenhole" a stop motion show on Adult Swim.  It was fun to be on the set.  Me and my humans haven't seen the show, so we have no idea if it's Bunny-propriate.

And that was our Long Beach Comic Con adventure!

Monday, October 24, 2011

New York City, Part 2: A Day Out With Baxter!

So, by Sunday, I wanted to explore the city.  I couldn't think of anyone better to show me around than my friend Baxter Bunny! He is @thebaxterbunny on Twitter. 

He met us at our hotel!
Baxter is a wonderful host.  We went to Grand Central Station first.  It looks just like it does in the movies and on TV!

We are getting directions

Then we went to Rockefeller Center. 
Me and Prometheus!
The nice thing about NYC is that no one looks twice at 2 bunnies out for a stroll. 

We passed a LOVE sculpture!

Then we headed to Central Park.  I just love Central Park.  Griffith Park in Los Angeles is not nearly as cool.  That's just my own bunny opinion.

Bunny Hugs!
 We headed down to Bethesda Fountain and saw a Bride and Groom getting their photos taken.

I wonder if I can kiss the bride?
Then we sat by Bethesda Fountain for a spell.  It was a beautiful Sunday in the park.

Here are some photos of me in the park.

I wanted Gray Rabbit to be in a nice photo of us.
Me and Gray Rabbit
Then we went to the Plaza Hotel to see Eloise, but she wasn't at home.
Is Eloise in?
It was wonderful meeting Baxter, a true gentlebun.  He has a most pawesome blog, and if you haven't checked it out, you must:

I had a lovely time in New York City.  I wish we went more often.  New York was glad to have me too, because the top of the Empire State Building was lit up in pink lights for my entire trip! Thank you, New York!*

I love you too, NY!!!

*It wasn't really pink for me.  It was pink in honor of National Breast Cancer Month, a cause we wholly support.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York City, Part 1: New York Comic Con!

I went to New York Comic-Con last weekend and had a LOT of fun.  It is not quite as big as San Diego Comic-Con, but it's very large.  

I must find a Stormtrooper to hug!
We met a lot of comics creators that we are big fans of, such as The Stuff of Legend.  That is one of our favorite comics.  If you aren't reading it, you really should.  It's about brave toys who are on a mission to save their human.

Me reading The Stuff of Legend

Another comic we love is Reed Gunther! It is about a Cowboy and his pet bear!

I like a comic that is my size!
This is me with the mini-comic, but the comic comes in a Human-sized version.

I met many exciting characters:
Delirium from "Sandman"
Me with a Splicer from Bioshock!

Me with Catwoman, Cheetah & the Toyman
Supergirl and Superbunny!
But the BEST, the BESTEST part of all was meeting FELICIA DAY.
She is our hero.
Felicia Day stars in a web series about gamers that we love called The Guild. It's incredibly funny and honest. She writes it, acts in it and basically created it herself. She is a woman who is not afraid to let her Geek Flag fly!

I love her so much I don't even mind that she is kinda holding me by the ear (ow).

So that is our trip to NYC Comic Con! Except for one more thing...
I found a Stormtrooper to hug!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloweentime at Disneyland

As you know, we are big fans of Disneyland. Right now, Disneyland is all decked out for Halloween - it is a great time to go!

There are pumpkins everywhere and all kinds of yummy fall treats.  I think the treats are the humans favorite part. 

This is a VERY yummy treat...oh hey - look over there! *nom nom*

There were a bunch of pumpkins carved to look like Disney characters. This one is Cinderella. Get it? Cinderella/pumpkin??

Me and Jack Skellington!

This is me by the Haunted Mansion! They do an overlay of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" on the Haunted Mansion during the holidays.  It is amazing.  We like it better than the regular ride!

We got to ride on the caboose for the Casey Jr. Circus train! It's a great view of the scenery for the Storybook Land Canal Boats attraction.

I rode the Mark Twain Riverboat too!

Then we went to Disney California Adventure and did the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail!

I also hung out with my hero, Mr. Incredible!

WOW! We had a great time at Disneyland.  We'll be back again for Holidaytime!  More photos then!