Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Snugs of Dublin! (Ireland, Part 2)

A snug is a tiny little alcove within a pub:

We don't have those here in the US.  Our Girl was obsessed with visiting all the pub snugs she could find.  (The proximity to alcohol, she claims, is just a coincidence).

Probably our favorite.  Very private and the smallest of all the snugs, so it truly was snug.


A classic snug.  Had a lot of light and cute knicknacks, which was nice.  Poet William Butler Yeats used to drink here.
We like the bunny balcony

This was probably the largest snug we visited. Could probably seat 10 people.


Note: I did not see a lemon, hairy or otherwise.  This place was less traditionally pub-y and more like a sportsbar.  The snug had a huge bay window, which really cut down on the privacy factor, but it was a nice snug.

This place has four snugs.  So your chances of getting one are quadrupled, which is nice.  They aren't the most private of snugs, and it was pretty large, but we liked it.

Two lovely snugs. Ryan's has a lovely skylight, so I'm sure it's nice and sunny when the weather isn't inclement.  This one was medium sized and quite private.

So that was our tour of Dublin snugs! They were really fun to seek out, very cozy (snug!) once inside and it made the pub crawl special.  #SnugCrawl2011

Pink Bunny goes to IRELAND!


I went to Ireland for vacation with my Humans!  We hadn't been to Europe since our Germany trip in 2007, and we hadn't taken a proper vacation since Hawaii in 2010.  So we were due, and we jetted across the ocean for a magical trip to the Emerald Isle!

But first, we stopped at the Philadelphia Airport and saw the Liberty Bell.

It's made of Legos!
On our travels, we got to meet my good friend Wabbit (@followthewabbit on Twitter)
 Wabbit was a most kind a generous host.  You should read about his adventures:

We also met Molly Malone on Grafton Street:

We are with the cockles & mussels.

 This is me and Gray onboard the Jeanie Johnston.

I found this pink bike in Dublin.  I like it.

 At my good friend Olly's suggestion, I tried some Battenberg cayks:
I like that they have pink in them!!!

One day, we drove out of Dublin to Shannon/Limerick to see Bunratty Castle:

This Bun is not ratty.
Bunratty Castle and Folk Park also has historical buildings that are recreated.  We liked touring them.

I am guarding the turrets!

Me in the Irish countryside.

I like this Walled Garden.

Can I help deliver gifts, Mr. Elf?
Please don't send me to the Dungeon.

I also met a most prominent writer, Mr. Oscar Wilde:

I like your jaunty jacket, Mr. Wilde!
I also met a nice cow who had a hot secret!
She has a hot water bottle in her tummy!

Before we knew it, it was time to go home:
Dinner is served! Where are the leafy greens?

We toured some pub snugs too, but that will be another blog entry. 

 We had a great time in Ireland! I hope we go back one day.