Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disneyland trip

Recently my Humans took me and Gray to Disneyland!
We LOVE Disneyland.  It's one of our favorite places!

This is me in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

I met a lot of other nice rabbits while I was at the park.

I met not one, but TWO white rabbits from Alice in Wonderland.  They seemed to have a problem with time management.

I also met some very nice Chipmunks:

This is me and Chip!

Here I am with his pal, Dale!

I found the cutest little bunny house in Fantasyland, in the Mad Hatter Shop:
Oh, how I wish this could be my summer home!!

This is me in front of the famous Matterhorn Bobsleds ride.  It is a roller coaster! Girl loves it, but Boy doesn't. Not many people know this, but there is actually a basketball half-court at the top!

This is in front of the Finding Nemo submarine ride.  Our Girl tells us it used to be a different submarine ride when she was little.  There are seagulls that shout "Mine" just like in the movie!

We got a very special treat on this Disneyland trip.  We got to ride the Lilly Belle, a private coach that is usually reserved for VIPs.
This is me at the back of the train!

It was decorated in a lovely Victorian style.

This is a personal photo of Walt Disney and his wife, Lillian.

We were so very lucky and honored to ride the Lilly Belle, and we will remember it always.  You also get special souvenir tickets when you ride!

It's a Small World is one of our favorite rides.  It's so colorful and lovely.  Check out my moose friend behind me!

Snow White's Grotto is one of our favorite little hidden corners in the park.  There's a wishing well, and sometimes you can hear Snow White singing.

We had a lovely day at Disneyland.  We got an Annual Pass, so we will go back soon!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi! I'm Pink Bunny.  I live with 2 humans and many stuffed friends.  I'm looking forward to sharing my travels and adventures on my shiny new blog!

I'm married to Gray Rabbit and my best friend is CC, a drowsy lamb.  CC stands for "Cotton Candy" since she is pink and fluffy.  This is us reading our friend Henry's book:

We live in California and we go lots of places with our humans.  I look forward to updating this a lot!