Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Temporal Tuesday!!!

Happy #TemporalTues!  Today is Temporal Tuesday, when everyone gets their own Time Machine. I decided to borrow a friend's (Thanks @MrRustyMonkey!) and here is my Temporal Tuesday Adventure:

*Pink tiptoes downstairs. She just wants to borrow the #TemporalTues machine; she’s sure @MrRustyMonkey won’t mind.*

*Pink gets in the #TemporalTues machine, unsure what to do. She pulls levers and controllers and it’s 1882!*

*How perfect, Pink thinks. This should be fun. It’s the perfect place for a proper Victorian Bun!* #TemporalTues

*Pink holds herself properly, careful not to slouch. She’s excited that’s she’ll get a proper fainting couch!* #TemporalTues

*But Pink finds herself lonely, and it’s a different world. Streets are dirty and gritty and she misses Boy and Girl.* #TemporalTues

*As Pink hurries back to the #TemporalTues machine, she hears a cry in the streets, “Make Way For the Queen!”*

*Pink turns to glance and feels a wave of euphoria – she has just gotten a glimpse of HRH Queen Victoria!* #TemporalTues

*This place has no room for two queens, thinks little Pink. I must head back to my realm in a wink!* #TemporalTues

*Pink climbs in the #TemporalTues machine and shuts the door with a snap. She arrives back at home for her afternoon nap.*

*Pink snuggles the bedclothes and cuddles her friends. She is glad to be home where her reign never ends.* #TemporalTues