Friday, December 16, 2011

Pink Bunny goes to PIXAR!

We went to Pixar Studios last weekend!!

Me and my Humans had such a great time. We went for a benefit for the Cartoon Art Museum.

We got up early and went to breakfast at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe.
So you are ALL named Rudy?

Then we went to PIXAR! First, I got to meet the Lamp Luxo, from the Pixar logo:
I am on the ball! Hee!
Then we got to walk around and meet some of the famous Pixar stars, like Woody and Buzz!

And Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc.!

I'm safe in here, right?
There were lots of things to look at.  Art and exhibits:


I'd like to thank the Academy
And then I met more friends:

Take me to your leader.

Emile and Remy!
Lotsa Lotsos! All you guys need is a hug...
Upstairs there were more exhibits, but photography was not allowed.  You can see the Incredibles in the distance, though.

Pixar Lobby
My Humans got to take a drawing class with Pixar artist Adam Burke, and look at storyboards and concept art from various Pixar films.  Then there was a screening of some Pixar short films, like "Dug's Day Out" and "Night and Day" along with a Q&A with the creators.  There was an art auction too!

Afterwards, we went for ice cream at Fenton's creamery in Oakland.  That's where Carl and Russell have ice cream at the end of "UP."
I made a friend!
I like my new hat!
We had a wonderful weekend in San Francisco.  I will post Part 2 later! Stay tuned!


  1. o wow pinkbunny that wos reely egsytin. i av seed sum of them on telvishun an yoo wos verry brayv to gow in th monsters mowf