Thursday, May 24, 2012

Napa-Sonoma: Safaris, Trains, Trams and Snoopy:Oh My!

We just took a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma County! It was for my Humans' Wedding Anniversary.  It was only in Northern California, but we went on Safari, visited a castle, rode an aerial tram, took a train trip and met some real characters! Here's some show and tell:

First we went to Safari West, which has real African animals you visit on a jeep on a safari!

Here are some of the animals I saw:

Flamingoes! We have a lot in common.


We got up really close

Something with Antlers!


And then, at the end of our jeep tour, we were menaced by an ostrich and got trapped for a few minutes until some brave, cool Zoo Girls came to rescue us.  Those photos were blurry, but the experience was way cool.

THEN, we went wine tasting.  And all wine tastes better in a castle, I'm told. We went to Castello di Amorosa, a medieval European castle that dates back to 1993!!

Me in the Great Hall.  

It was really quite impressive.  Then we went to Sterling Winery which is up on a hill, and we got to take an aerial tram.  Our Girl said it reminded her of the Skyway in Disneyland back in the day.

And then - you'll never believe this - I met another stuffed animal! He was touring Sterling Winery with his Humans too.  It's so exciting to make a friend on vacation!

THEN, we took a train that has wine and goes nowhere.  I didn't see the point, but the Humans liked it.

THEN we went to the Peanuts museum! Because who doesn't love Snoopy and Charlie Brown??
5 cents, please.

Me & Charlie Brown!

Napping on Snoopy.

On his house.  I need a house

If I give Woodstock a kiss, will he share his cookie?

Thanks for sharing your cookie, Snoopy!

Even the airport is Peanuts-themed.

We had a great trip!


  1. wot a wundahful adventyur pb! fank yew fur sharing! i speshally enjoyd th 90's medieval castle hehe