Sunday, June 24, 2012

Club 33 and the 1901 Lounge!

We got an AMAZING opportunity! My friend, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit got my Humans and us into Club 33 and the 1901 Lounge!

Club 33: For those of you who may not know, Club 33 is a private, members-only restaurant located in Disneyland.  It is the only place that serves alcohol in the park.  Club 33 was conceived as a private place where Walt Disney could entertain sponsors and dignitaries, but sadly, he died before it was completed. 

Today, you either need to know a member (and there are only around 500) or be a member to get in. 

For more information on Club 33:
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Most people pass by the very non-descipt door to Club 33 having no idea that it's one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world!

This is the only Club 33 sign

When you get there, you ring the bell and say your reservation name.
Reservation name? Pink Bunny.
Once inside, you can take the French Lift or the stairs.
French lift is behind me
The restaurant is very ornately decorated.  Our table was right by the window and we could hear the jazz band down below in New Orleans Square.  The atmosphere can't be beat.

My Humans have a lot of fine qualities, but they are not photographers.  So we did not take a lot of pictures.  But this is a nice one, and you can see some of the sketches behind me on the wall:

After our meal we went outside on the balcony:
Me and Gray Rabbit

We made a friend

It was a really wonderful trip to Disneyland.

The 1901 Lounge: this is a new private club at Disney California Adventure.  It just opened, so we were very lucky to get to experience it.  Unlike Club 33, it is not a restaurant per se - it is a swanky cocktail bar that has some food available.

nondescript sign
What would I like to drink?

It is very beautifully decorated inside, and there are many photographs of Walt Disney and the Imagineers he worked with.

I found a place on the shelf.  Maybe I'll stay!

I'll keep Roy Disney's seat warm for him

Hello Walt.  Nice to meet you
We had a wonderful day at Disneyland Resort visiting their secret clubs!


  1. Totally awesome. Did the management beg you to become an hounorary member? You fit in there perfectly

  2. that wos brillyunt pinkbunny. i ope yoo wosnt drinkin ennyfing alkolik wen yoo wos ther cos that wud be norty wen yoo dus be in such egkloosif playss

  3. that wos a beary egsytin trip pb *hug hug* yew wer beary lucky too see thees playses that othah peepls visitin carnt see nd i bet it wos reelaksin nd nise in th clubs :)