Sunday, December 2, 2012

Candlelight Processional at Disneyland!

The Candlelight Processional has been a holiday tradition at Disneyland since 1958.  The hourlong ceremony includes several choirs, a live orchestra and a celebrity narrating the Christmas story.  We had never seen it, but on December 1, 2012, we finally got tickets to go!

We got to see the First showing of the First day of Candlelight 2012.  And then - we couldn't believe our luck - we got to be seated in the First row, right in the center!

The center podium right behind me

A view of where the choir will be

This was very exciting for all of us, and we were very grateful to be so fortunate. 

The orchestra and the choir

The conductor, choir and orchestra
Choir and attendants
Conductor, choir and trumpeters on the roof

Our celebrity narrator was Mr. Dennis Haysbert:

And after the Candlelight Processional, we got a nice dinner at Club 33:

It was a really fantastic day, and we had a wonderful time. 


  1. wow thats brillant my sisfur! i fink th candil lite processhun is just luffly! *hug hug* fank yew fur sharin wif us

  2. So jealous. It is our dream to go to Disney for Christmas one year.