Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Teddy Olympics! *Updated for 2015*

Every summer we look forward to the Teddy Olympics!!!

The Teddy Olympics are an online event in which stuffed animals and other pets compete by submitting photos in various categories like "Naps" "Treats" "Hugs" and others.

Basically, it's exactly like the regular Olympics, only all online.  And with animals and stuffed friends.

Here's the link to the official site: Teddy Olympics

My entry in the "Naps" category in 2013:

 CC The Sleepy Sheepy's entry in the 2012 "Woogling" category was a big hit:
We didn't have fox poo, so we used shampoo

The 2015 Teddy Olympics start on Saturday, June 27.  
This year's categories have already been announced.  
Athletes have two weeks until Saturday July 11 to submit their photos; then the Judging begins!  
Closing Ceremonies are Saturday, July 18.

If you have a stuffed animal or pet you'd like to enter, please do! It's open to all.  

Good luck to everyone in this year's Teddy Olympics!!

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  1. that is wundahful pink... fank yew fur tellin ebearywun abowt th #teddyolympics - i doo howps wee all join in nd haf lotsa fun!