Friday, July 26, 2013

Disneyland and Comic-Con 2013!

We went to Comic Con!

...but first we stopped at Disneyland. 

Mainly because it was Disneyland's birthday on July 17, and we would be passing by, and it just seemed rude to not join in the glad tidings.

We got a great seat on the monorail:
We rode the monorail!

We stopped in Fantasyland, and I got to ride my favorite horse, Jingles:

Then we were fortunate enough to have lunch at Club 33.  This would fill us up before Preview Night at Comic-Con.

And we learned that sometimes the Cast Members run a toy trolley on the trolley track at Disney California Adventure.  And I hopped on for a ride since it was bunny-sized!

Then we stopped by the 1901 Lounge for a drink. Gin & Tonic.  For the non-drivers.  Like me.

AND THEN, it was on to San Diego!

Get in line.

That night, we got to go to the SDCC Blog Fan Party.  And I met the 4th and 10th Doctors!

Then I met my good pal, ShyBun from Twitter!

Thursday I tried to meet all the pink cosplayers I could find.  
Here's me and Pink Candy Heartly Quinn:

And me and Pink Hair Hello Kitty:

Then on Friday, we got in line for Hall H:
It's about 4AM

Here we are under the tents:

Saturday we checked out some of the offsite activities and displays:
Hello Hobbits
Why thank you, I'd love a giant Lego Pretzel

Sunday my Humans were too busy taking photos of their T-shirts and pulling off an SDCC miracle involving Scott Snyder, a blue wristband, Neil Gaiman and numerous Hall Passes to take photos of me. Hmph.  They better not pull that next year. 

All in all, it was the best Comic-Con we ever had! 

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