Monday, April 21, 2014

Disney Easter and WonderCon

Our Easter weekend was filled with the best things: 
comics, conventions, Disneyland and bunnies!
EVERYONE wants to be a bunny around Eastertime.

WonderCon (or Bun-derCon) was filled with rabbit cosplay for Easter:
Oh Yes It Must
Easter Harley 
Wolverine Bunny
Darth Vader Bunny
When Darth Vader Bunny wasn't looking, I tried to borrow the carrot lightsaber.  
I'm sure I could be a Jedi Master.

And I met a nice Easter Bunny at the DC comics booth! 
His name is Max and he's had Easter adventures since the mid-1980s.


We also visited the Spring Roundup of Disney Bunnies at Disneyland!

My Boss, The Easter Bunny

Brer Rabbit
Roger Rabbit

The White Rabbit
Pink BunnyGirl
Even Pluto joined the fun

They also had artists painting eggs as Disney characters:

It was a wonderful Easter!

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