Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink Bunny goes to Comic Con!

Hi all! Just wanted to say that I will be going to Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend! I've been before several times, so I know the ropes.  Follow me for all the most exciting panels, newsworthy scoops and best celebrity sightings...OH WHO AM I KIDDING?!? I am a rabbit!

The truth is, my humans couldn't even get 4 day passes! *sad ears* It wasn't their fault, though.  I heard some frog was to blame.  So we only have passes for two days and we will miss some cool stuff that we wish we could go to. 

[And my humans are still bitter about not going last year, which apparently had panels made of rainbows and chocolate cake, and gave away gold bars in the swag bags, to hear them tell it.]

But there's a lot of cool stuff that we WILL see and do. One of which will be me having my photo taken with humans pretending to be someone else, and I'll tweet the Con from a Pink Bunny perspective.  Which is largely a perspective inside of a medium sized purse.  But still. It's COMIC-CON.

If you're going to be there too, here are some helpful tips:

Keep an eye out!  I may be in one of the purses in your vicinity.  But don't go looking in random women's purses to find me.  That's just rude.


  1. yah!! can't wait for all da pic!! haf great time!! xo

  2. Wow Bunny! Can't your people get you some kind of see-through bag so you can watch what's happening from safe inside? I'm thinking of getting something like that for Eldritch to ride around in (if I can find one)

    Hope you have a great time!

  3. have fun Pink and get lots of cool swag. I look forward to your updates!