Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 and the Anipal TweetUp!

We went to San Diego Comic-Con! And we had a great time.  My Humans are not photographers, but we have some pictures and experiences we would love to share!

We met some fantastic people.

Like Grae Drake (@popcornmafia on Twitter)! She has a podcast and sometimes you will see her on CNN!

 We got to meet Brooke A. Allen (@BrookeAAllen ) - she wrote a graphic novel about a very special rabbit called "A Home for Mr. Easter." She is very pro-bunny.  You should all check it out.


We got the new book from Fat Rabbit Farm! (@FATRABBITFARM)! Fat Rabbit Farm has the cutest shirts, buttons and a series featuring rabbits who eat too much ice cream.  I can relate.

We also got a beautiful, wonderful piece of art that we comissioned from Mr. CP Wilson III.  If you don't know his work, you should.  He is the artist for the fabulous, amazing comic, The Stuff of Legend.  If you aren't reading it, go get it right now.
I'll wait.

Anyway, he made me the most lovely drawing of me and the cast of The Stuff of Legend.  We plan to frame it and put it on our wall.  Do you see my earbows?? It's really something very special.

We went to many panels, but Our Girl's favorite is the FABLES panel, and we had amazing seats.  So here's a photo of that:

But the VERY BEST PART of Comic-Con this year was the Anipal Tweetup!!
We arranged a meeting and photo op with some of my very best friends from Twitter who were attending Comic-Con:

Traveling Mocha (@TravelingMocha)
Skeptical George (@SkepticalGeorge)
Fred ColBear (@FredColBear )
The Brownie Bear (@TheBrownieBear)
Cute Bear (@iamthebear)
Koosas (@Koosa_party)
Candy Cane Claus (@CandycaneClaus)

If you're not following them, go follow them now. 
I'll wait.

We took a bunch of photos.  Here are just a few:

AND THE VERY VERY BEST PART IS...Traveling Mocha dressed up as ME!!!
That may be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, ever.

And once the meetup was over, I met another anipal! A dragon.  I didn't catch his name.

It was such a wonderful time, meeting friends.  I hope they had fun too!  It was the highlight of our trip and we plan to have another Anipal TweetUp at Comic-Con in 2013 - or maybe an entire Anipal convention of our own!


  1. Wow...great blog...the Artwork is fantastic,lucky bunny xxx

  2. that wos a pawsum adventyure! wun dey i wud lyke too visit comik con too!