Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disneyland and Walt's Apartment

We got a really wonderful opportunity at Disneyland recently!

Not many people know that Walt Disney himself kept an apartment over the Firehouse on Main Street in Disneyland.  Walt spent the night there, entertained there, worked there. His wife Lillian joined him there as well.

Here is the firehouse on Main Street:

Now you may notice that there is a glowing light in the window.  The lamp in Walt's apartment would be on whenever Walt was in the park so employees would know he was there.  After Walt died in 1966, the lamp was always lit, in honor of Walt's memory. 

Me and my Humans were fortunate enough to visit Walt's personal apartment this week.  It's quite small, only 500 square feet.  Plenty of room for a bunny.

Walt & Lillian's chairs
Me on Lillian's couch
There is also a nice patio that faces out onto Main Street.  It gets a fabulous view of the parade, which we were lucky enough to see from Walt's patio.
The view of Main St. from Walt's patio
Walt's patio

Walt's lamp in the window

It was a really wonderful experience and we were so lucky to see Walt's apartment and learn more about the man who built the Happiest Place on Earth!

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