Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney's Golden Oak Ranch

Disney doesn't just create theme parks and animated movies.  Every now and again, they make live-action entertainment as well.  
And Disney's Golden Oak Ranch is where quite a lot of them were filmed.  

Today it's a working movie ranch and open to all kinds of production, not just Disney.  Films like Red Dragon, TV shows like Mad Men, NCIS and numerous commercials and music videos were shot here.  It's not open for tours, but we got a special chance to visit.

Back at the Ranch

When we arrived, the Country Bears were there to greet us.

The ranch has four types of sets:

#1: Nature 
This is where you'll find The Old Fishing Hole.

#2: Rural
From cabins to farmhouses, sets that can double for the 1800s...or today.

#3 Urban District
Your bustling town square.

Inside, however, it's not as hustle and bustle.

Wonder if the diner serves carrot shakes?

#4 Residential
A typical cul-de-sac with all varieties of housing architecture.

Wonder what's behind the wall?

it's a fixer-uper, that's for sure

Inside a home...a bookcase with a secret

We had a really lovely day touring Golden Oak Ranch.  
Very glad for the opportunity!

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