Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pixar Pizza Planet Truck

I went to Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend.  It was a lot of fun, but one of the best parts was seeing the Pizza Planet Truck.

The Pizza Planet Truck is in EVERY Pixar film...except for The Incredibles
It's one of Pixar's best known Easter Eggs.  

A creative group of people decided to recreate the Pizza Planet Truck, and they cruise around having Disney adventures.  

They're my heroes, basically. 
Here's a link to their blog:

I was so excited to see the Pixar Pizza Planet Truck that I hopped right inside.
To the Pizza Parlor and Beyond.
The nice Pizza Planet Truck man said I might like to try driving.

Buzz, can you be a dear and work the pedals?

Buzz and I still needed someone to work the gear shift. 
We found an ally in the trunk:
You're perfect for the gear shift, Woody

my favorite part of the truck

It's a fantastic recreation.

The only sad part is there was no actual pizza.  Oh well.

My buddy The_Con_Fluence got a great video of the truck too.

It was a fantastic Disney experience!

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  1. Now I wish I'd gone to the Expo, just to see this truck. I think you need a bunny-sized version for yourself, like in "Brave"!