Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014!

We got to go to E3 again this year! 
That is the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  
It's a trade fair for computer and video games.

Of course, the first thing we did was look for the Disney Infinity booth.

The nice CMs there let me play a game.

Then I met a Rabbid at the Ubisoft booth.

I met Lego Batman at the WB Interactive booth.

We stopped by Telltale Games, one of our favorite video game companies. 

And I got to check out their upcoming pinball game for The Walking Dead:

Then we stopped by Lionhead Studios to demo the upcoming Fable Legends.
We played as one of 4 heroes. 
We wanted to play Winter, but we were the dashing rogue Sterling. 
The Lionhead Studios crew was so kind, they let us play The VILLAIN.
Who's the Villain? I am.  I even have a sign.
Protip: Don't call  Winter, the Ice Sorceress, Elsa in front of the nice Lionhead Studios team.  
Even if they do have more than a passing similarity.

So that was E3 2014! I hope I get to go again in 2015.

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